visual presentation of Baylor Magazine, artistic treatment of cover story on C.S. Lewis

Confronting culture

Thank you for the Winter 2014 Baylor Magazine article on C.S. Lewis and how Baylor professors are striving to accomplish a similar top-tier academic reputation while simultaneously impacting the broader culture with Christianity. What a privilege to be an alumnus of a Christian school faithful to its roots. As Dr. Hibbs observed, faculty who are scholars and also Christian human beings can have a much-needed impact on university students who are bound to further impact the broader human community. I appreciate Baylor’s commitment to standing firm in our culture with the Gospel of Christ and doing so with academic rigor the rival of other institutions of higher learning. Baylor’s true legacy is preparing its students for Christian life and service, and Baylor looks to be staying on course to achieve its mission. I hope the Baylor professors will also reach out to those Christian professors in secular universities who perhaps even more profoundly confront a culture that has lost its way. Here in the United States’ capital region as well as there in Texas’ capital city and elsewhere around the world, the difficult leadership struggle continues on university campuses. My prayers go with all of you as you hold on to your faith, demonstrate your continued commitment to Christ, and pursue your academic disciplines with the high standards of the Baylor faculty.

Tom Broyles, MHA '82