On October 9, 1965, I attended my 1st game at Baylor Stadium (Floyd Casey), Baylor vs. Arkansas, I had just turned 12 and my Dad was the pastor of FBC Thorndale, Texas. My parents sat in the good seats, Mother, BA '53, & Dad, BA '54, as my brothers and I watched the game from the end zone. An Arkansas fan burned a hole in the back of my mother's brand new coat with a cigarette. Arkansas stomped us 38 to 7 and I felt such empathy for our team that as I stood in the tunnel and watched them leave the field, I yelled, "We love you anyway!" I still have the original Baylor pin with the ribbons and the little gold football that I begged my Daddy to buy!

On October 5, 2013, 48 years later, I took my two oldest grandchildren, David (15) & Elizabeth (13) to the Baylor game and watched Baylor win over West Virginia 72 to 43! Sic'em Bears!!

It's been a great history for our family, my parents watched the very 1st game at Baylor Stadium and my Dad took the RA's to the Baylor versus SMU games during the 1960's in the old Chevrolet gold station wagon. My brother, Paul Gilbert, BS '78, was a member of the Baylor Line in 1974 for the Miracle on the Brazos season complete with "Slime cap & Spirit stick" and spent the night at the stadium when they won the SWC. I was at Baylor in 1980 when we won the SWC undefeated. I attended classes with my favorite players Walter Abercrombie and Vic Vines, my BBA 1982. Our very 1st water girl at Baylor was Tracy Teaff, who was in my marketing class. My mother and my brother, Glenn, were season ticket holders from 1979 to 1998, watching Grant Teaff win his last game for Baylor over Texas in 1992 and watching the goal posts come down in 1997 with Baylor defeating Texas 23-21. Our family were the original tailgaters in my mother's Winnebago eating turkey sandwiches and BBQ from Viteks. My sister-in-law, Frances Gilbert, BS 1996 was also an avid Baylor fan. Paul and Frances' son, Daniel Gilbert, was a member of the Baylor line in 2006.

We are hoping for 4th generation Baylor Bears!

"...let's fling our green and gold afar to light the ways of time and guide us as we onward go, that good old Baylor line!"

Karen Gilbert Hartley, BBA '82
Allen, TX

Noble efforts

This past summer I attended a Baylor parent and student event. I understand that such events are held across the country. What a great way to connect with friends and students! The students I met were bright and courteous, focused, and eager and excited about the days ahead. They made me feel that the Baylor spirit is as alive as ever. Undoubtedly, they will keep the Baylor torch aflame. A special thanks to parents who brought us together for these memorable sendoffs.

Lori (Glasgow) Grippo, BA '58
Raleigh, N.C.