December 18, 2012

The Night Before Christmas in Paris

Roblyn Markham Herndon, BA '54, of Houston, and Betty Lou Phillips bring Mrs. Claus for a long stay in Paris, where she is enthralled by all the city has to offer. In the end, Santa comes to find the satiated Mrs. Claus and whisk her back home just in time to help the elves with the last-minute packing of toys for children all over the world.

Gibbs Smith, 2012 - 32 pages

Entempling: Baptist Wisdom for Contemplative Prayer

A new resource book of prayers and meditations of four centuries of Baptist theologians, writers, pastors, lay leaders and social advocates has been edited and adapted by Baylor's College of Arts and Sciences associate dean for undergraduate studies, Dr. Blake Burleson, BA '80, MA '82, PhD '86, and Dr. Michael Sciretti Jr., MDiv '02, PhD '09, pastor of spiritual formation at Freemason Street Baptist Church in Norfolk, Va.

Praxis Publishing, 2012 - 190 pages

The Fire Horse Girl

Kay Hankamer Honeyman, BA '95, MA '00, of Dallas, has penned her debut novel, a work of young adult romance/historical fiction. Jade Moon is a Fire Horse -- the worst sign in the Chinese zodiac for girls, said to make them stubborn, willful and far too imaginative. But while her family despairs of marrying her off, she has a passionate heart and powerful dreams, and wants only to find a way to make them come true.

Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, 2013 - 336 pages

Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart

Bob Dowell, BA '55, of McAllen, Texas, has published a unique, three-book Bible study guide providing interpretative prose and poetic summaries. Dowell theorizes that Bible narrative contains a cognitive and a spiritual dimension, and that the spiritual dimension, being a heartfelt matter, is more effectively addressed through poetry because of the genre's emotive nature. He retired from university teaching (University of Texas-Pan American) in 1999 in order to work full time on this project.

Xulon press, 2011-12 - 1,676 pages

Syntax, Semantics and Acquisition of Multiple Interrogatives: Who Wants What?

Multiple interrogatives, questions with multiple wh-phrases (e.g. Who bought what?), have long presented analytical challenges for linguistic theory. Dr. Lydia Grebenyova, an assistant professor of English at Baylor, has written this monograph, which will be of interest to linguists and those interested in a comprehensive theory of language in general.

John Benjamins, 2012 - 191 pages

The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus

Dr. Adam C. English, PhD '03, a religion professor at Campbell University in North Carolina, tells the compelling tale of Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra. Weaving together the best historical and archaeological evidence available with folklore and legends, English creates a stunning image of this much-venerated Christian saint. He shows why the life and death of Nicholas of Myra so radically influenced the formation of Western history and Christian thought, and did so in ways many have never realized.

Baylor University Press, 2012 - 246 pages

The Voice Bible

Through a collaboration of more than 120 biblical scholars, pastors, writers, musicians, poets and artists, The Voice recaptures the passion, grit, humor and beauty that is often lost in the process of translating the Bible. The result is a retelling of the story of the Bible in a form as fluid as modern literary works, yet remaining painstakingly true to the original manuscripts. Contributors include Dr. Greg Garrett, a Baylor English professor, and Baylor alumni Jonathan Hal Reynolds, BA '05, Robbie Seay and his brother Chris Seay, worship leader and pastor, respectively, at Ecclesia Church in Houston. Other recognizable contributors are authors Brian McLaren and Donald Miller and Christian artists Sara Groves, Charlie Hall, and Don and Lori Chaffer.

Thomas Nelson, 2012 - 1,664 pages
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