Baylor Alumni, "very proud"

March 14, 2011
The results are in, and they are not surprising: Baylor alumni say they are immensely proud to be graduates of Baylor University.

Every few years, the university conducts a scientific national survey of alumni to measure their attitudes toward Baylor and their views on where Baylor stands today. In the most recent survey, conducted last fall, an incredible majority of alumni -- 95 percent -- said they were proud to be graduates of Baylor.

"The great thing about this survey is that it provides us with statistically valid feedback from the Baylor family," said John Barry, vice president for marketing and communications. "We all maintain friendships that provide us with all sorts of anecdotal information, but the scientific rigor of these studies permit us to move beyond our personal experiences and relationships to get a true metric with regard to alumni attitude and opinion.

"It is important that we have reliable measures to tell us what Baylor alumni think about how we are stewarding their alma mater. And we're pleased with the survey's findings; we want to be excellent in everything, and if there are places we need to improve, we want to know that."

Among the most interesting results:

96% of Baylor alumni gave the university an overall favorable rating, including 70 percent who rated the university as "excellent."

79% Nearly four out of five (79 percent) said they are "very proud" to be a graduate of Baylor.

82% said they would recommend that their son or daughter consider applying to Baylor as a top choice, primarily because of the quality academic programs available at BU.

Baylor has competitively bid the survey project to university-based survey research centers. The most recent survey was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, an independent academic survey research organization with more than 40 years' experience in the field.

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