Sic 'em, Baylor Nation

October 6, 2010
President Starr and others have repeatedly emphasized the important role that the Baylor Nation played in the Big 12 discussions by rising up and making their voices heard.

Conference realignment talks will happen again, whether it's a few years from now or a decade away. If there was one lesson to be learned from the discussions, it was that future decisions will be based primarily on two factors: wins on the football field and fans in the seats. (For example: Kansas -- with all its basketball tradition and success -- was predicted to have been left out of conference realignment plans.)

Between now and the day these talks begin again, Baylor needs to improve on both fronts. It's up to the coaches and student-athletes to take care of the wins, but the responsibility of supporting the Bears and filling the stands (both at home and on the road) falls to us as fans. We must make it a priority to support the Bears and the Big 12 by bringing our families and friends to the games, wearing our green and gold and letting our team know they have our support.

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