Counting The Cost

October 6, 2010
A report released June 10 by Waco economist Ray Perryman, BS '74, estimated that the state of Texas would lose $714 million in annual expenditures and almost 5,800 jobs if the quartet of Baylor, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech were split up.

Central Texas would have been the hardest-hit region, suffering from the loss of almost $200 million in annual total spending and nearly 1,700 jobs. The state government was also predicted to lose more than $19 million a year in tax revenue from the loss of home-game

spending, travel, media contracts and visitor spending.

"The presence of four schools in a premier conference is important to Texas' ability to capitalize on the potential economic stimulus of college athletics," wrote Perryman. The findings further pushed the

Texas legislature into action on behalf of constituents who would have suffered severe economic hits from the conference shake-up.

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