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October 6, 2010
Teachers have been too slow to incorporate social media -- which can be an attention-grabbing and effective teaching method -- into their courses, according to research by Dr. Mia Moody, MA '01, an assistant professor of journalism and media arts at Baylor University.

Adding social media to traditional teaching methods not only prepares students for current and future communication trends, but it gives those who are too shy to talk in front of their classmates an opportunity to open up via the Web, said Moody in the Spring 2010 issue of Journal of Magazine & New Media Research. By creating a Facebook group for courses and inviting students to post articles and information, teachers can encourage dialogue through a medium students often use for many hours a day. Social media also can provide quick, easy access to instructors outside the classroom, Moody said.

In the article, Moody offers several tips for teachers, including assigning students to create PowerPoint videos to display key points from their stories or to create short video clips using Skype or Flip cameras as an easy, inexpensive way to record interviews.

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