Letters, Summer 2010

June 16, 2010

How thrilled I was to read your article "Where Hope Begins." I was privileged and blessed to work for Jack Smith (Philip Smith's father), the founder of Hope Unlimited, in the San Diego office while I pursued my master's degree at the University of San Diego. My work for Hope Unlimited opened my eyes to the plight of orphans, and many years later my husband and I adopted our third child from China. Hope Unlimited is an amazing ministry and I am SO PROUD to see that Baylor graduates are at the heart of this mission. I will pray for David and Harry, that God will pour out His blessings on their work with Hope Unlimited and He will bring all of His children to a knowledge of Him!

Gabrielle Knorr Keenum, BA '93
Lubbock, Texas

I enjoy my Baylor Magazine, and reading the letters readers send in always sparks my interest in people's differing viewpoints. The letter published in the Spring 2010 issue particularly caught my attention. The writer questioned whether Baylor University was upholding God's truth as found in the Bible by publishing the article with the history of the mammoth population. I respectfully disagree with the writer's position.
As Christians, I believe that it is our privilege as well as our obligation to read and interpret the Bible as revealed to us individually by God. ... I have a very scientific background and come from a family of medical people. I am blessed to have received my nursing degree from Baylor in 1983. I do not feel my understanding of the world and creation is in conflict with my spiritual beliefs and personal interpretation of the Bible.
I appreciate that Baylor Magazine includes a forum allowing readers to present and read different ideas and points of view. Thanks for a great publication!

Sue Ann Hope Kimberling, BSN '83
Levelland, Texas

I really enjoyed reading the most recent issue [Spring 2010] of Baylor Magazine, particularly the articles on Judge Starr and Drayton McLane. Drayton's piece was especially interesting to me because it was the most open and detailed account of our company's sale to Walmart, which obviously was a landmark event in our corporate history and a catalyst for so many of the wonderful things that have happened here since.
There's an error in his article, though, that I wanted to point out. The correct figure for McLane Company's annual revenues is $34 billion, not $47 million. At the time of the sale to Walmart in 1990, our sales were at around $3 billion, so I'm not sure where the number in the article came from. But today, $47 million represents only about a half-day's sales for this great company that Drayton was so instrumental in building, not a full year's.
Thanks for all your great work on the magazine and for all that you do for the Baylor community and the Baylor brand!

Bart McKay, BA '92, JD '95
Associate general counsel,
McLane company
Waco, Texas

[EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for clearing that up. There was a typo or error in the transcription of Drayton McLane's speech, which unfrotunately made it through our approval process. At least one other reader pointed out that $47 million seemed kind of low!]

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