November 24, 2008
Stories from the Edge: A Theology of Grief
Dr. Greg Garrett, professor of English, explores questions people tend to ask in times of adversity and reveals how our underlying beliefs often collapse at the point of suffering. Garrett recounts stories from his time as a hospital chaplain, as well as his own experience with severe depression, to show the ways in which today's culture has shaped-often in unhealthy ways-our beliefs about suffering and grief. Westminster John Knox Press, 2008--131 pages
Humanizing Modern Medicine: An Introductory Philosophy of Medicine
Director of medical humanities and professor of philosophy Dr. James A. Marcum explores the shifting philosophical boundaries of modern medical knowledge and practice occasioned by the crisis of quality-of-care, especially in terms of the various humanistic adjustments to the biomedical model. Marcum examines the metaphysical, epistemological and ethical boundaries of these medical models. The book's target audiences include students, healthcare professionals and professional philosophers. Springer, 2008--376 pages
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story: A History of Baptist Hymnody in North America
Dr. David Music, professor of church music and director of graduate studies in the School of Music, has co-authored this survey of congregational song among Baptists in the United States and Canada, from denominational beginnings in the New World to the present. Its intent is to help the reader better understand the background against which current Baptist congregational song practices operate. Mercer University Press, 2008--634 pages
El neopolicial latinoamericano y la crónica del Chile actual en las
novelas de Ramón Díaz Eterovic
Dr. Guillermo García-Corales, professor of Spanish, co-authored this study of the detective narrative of Ramón Díaz Eterovic. The book proposes that his novels confront the dominant discourses of culture, politics and histiography, resulting in a critical look at Chile's democratic transition in the post-dictatorial era (1990-2007). Edward Mellen, 2008--188 pages
Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness
Director of the psychology doctoral program and professor of psychology and neuroscience Dr. Matthew S. Stanford, BS '88, MA '90, PhD '92, has seen far too many mentally ill persons damaged by well-meaning believers who respond to them out of fear or misinformation rather than grace. Stanford desires to educate Christians about mental illness from both biblical and scientific perspectives. Describing common mental disorders, Stanford asks of each: what does science say, and what does the Bible say about this illness? Paternoster, 2008--240 pages
Rebekah Ann Naylor, M.D.: Missionary Surgeon in Changing Times
Alumnus and former English instructor Camille Lee Hornbeck, BA '64, covers the life journey of fellow alumnus Rebeka Ann Naylor, BA '64, in this compelling biography. Through her faith and sense of calling, Naylor has spent more than 30 years serving the people of India by helping develop Bangalore Baptist Hospital and then working as both administrator and surgeon.
Hannibal Books, 2008--352 pages
The Christmas House
In her first publication, Carol Bullman, BA '99, celebrates the power of music in a Christian picture book for children of all ages. Illustrated by Jim Madsen. Ideals Children's Books, 2008--32 pages
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