Faces of Baylor

November 24, 2008

Students today come to Baylor from all walks of life. In one classroom, you may find a legacy student seated next to someone who is the first in his or her family to attend college, or a Waco native sharing notes with a student who grew up overseas.

But though the student body is larger and more diverse than ever, the University's mission remains the same: to prepare students for leadership in a caring, Christian community. And the students get it; over and over in interviews, they describe Baylor as a welcoming place full of opportunity where professors care not just about your academic achievements, but about you as a person, and help prepare you for the world beyond graduation.

Preston Edwards
Andrea Peña
Thao Hoang
Rebecca Naden
Gus Angulo
Leon Freeman
Gerry Amundson
Meredith Casas
Rachel Wilkerson
Nathan Grohmann
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