Students Give Baylor High Marks

April 27, 2007
According to the results of a survey conducted last year among students, Baylor has been quite successful in meeting and exceeding the expectations of its undergraduates.
The survey, commissioned by the University and conducted by Noel-Levitz in spring 2006, revealed that nearly 75 percent of the respondents had made Baylor University their first choice.
In fact, among the four-year, private universities that conducted this survey, Baylor students gave the highest satisfaction ranking to the University. Students also indicated that, given another chance, they still would choose to attend Baylor.
The survey asked 3,000 students to rate their level of satisfaction with the University in 12 key areas, including: academic advising and counseling effectiveness; campus climate; campus life, support services; concern for the individual; instructional effectiveness and recruitment; and financial aid effectiveness.
The total number of respondents included 91 freshmen, 195 sophomores, 173 juniors and 76 seniors - a response rate of a little more than 18 percent, according to Noel-Levitz.
The students' responses showed that Baylor's instructional effectiveness - defined by Noel-Levitz as assessing students' academic experience, curriculum offered and the campus' overriding commitment to academic excellence - was ranked as the most important area of the University. The satisfaction ranking of this category also was highest.
Kathleen Morley, director of Institutional Research and Testing, says the results are important to the University as issues of student retention come to the forefront.
The University previously looked at this information when a survey was conducted in spring 2005. In a year's time, the most recent survey shows, student satisfaction with instructional effectiveness actually increased, as did satisfaction with campus life and campus support services.
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