December 4, 2006
Michael Oakeshott on Religion, Aesthetics, and Politics
Elizabeth Campbell Corey, lecturer in Great Texts and Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, offers an analysis of British political philosopher Michael Oakeshott's moral and political philosophies. She makes the case that Oakeshott, who is identified with Margaret Thatcher's conservative policies, leaned more toward religious and aesthetic considerations than previously supposed.
University of Missouri Press, 2006 - 253 pages

Kierkegaard on Faith and the Self
Dr. C. Stephen Evans uses the philosopher's essays on faith, ethics and philosophy with a Christian perspective to explore religious language and concepts and how they can be misused. He also makes points about religious and Christian belief perspectives.
Baylor University Press, 2006 - 385 pages

The Reverend Mark Twain: Theological Burlesque, Form and Content
Dr. Joe B. Fulton, associate professor of English, explores the use of theological form and content in a number of Twain's works - some likely well-known, others not so widely read.
Ohio State University Press, 2006 - 228 pages

Floridoro, A Chivalric Romance (The Other Voice in Early
Modern Europe)
Julia Kisacky, senior lecturer in Italian, translated this first original chivalric poem written by an Italian woman. It tells the story of the two greatest knights of a bygone age: the handsome Floridoro, who risks everything for love, and the beautiful Risamante, who helps women in distress while on a quest for her inheritance. Originally published in 1581 by Moderata Fonte (1555-92). Edited by Valeria Finucci.
University of Chicago Press, 2006 - 448 pages

Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities
Dr. Roger E. Olson, professor of theology at Truett Seminary, sets forth classical Arminian theology and addresses misunderstandings and misrepresentations of it. He argues that classical Arminian theology has a rightful place in the evangelical church because it maintains deep roots within Reformational theology, even though it maintains important differences from Calvinism.
InterVarsity Press, 2006 - 250 pages

Tradition, Scripture and Interpretation: A Sourcebook of the
Ancient Church
Dr. D.H. Williams, professor of religion in Patristics and historical theology, has collected key writings from early church fathers and arranged them thematically and chronologically. The sourcebooks reveals how Christian thought on various issues developed.
Baker Academic, 2006 - 176 pages
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