Extreme Makeover: Alumni Web Site Edition

March 29, 2006
Looking for the date for the annual Baylor Fling or the location of that upcoming Young Grads event? Baylor's alumni Web site splash page -- or opening page -- has undergone a face-lift. Now it is even easier to locate favorite events or to reference the four organizations that specifically serve Baylor alumni.
Last fall, Randy Woodruff, director of Internet Services, developed a new look for the site's splash page that includes a calendar of events for the Baylor Alumni Association, Baylor Network, Bear Foundation and the "B" Association, and links to each of these organizations' Web sites. Instead of only being able to search by organization, alumni now also can search by event type -- on-campus or off-campus.
"This is a collaborative effort between the alumni association, the Network and ITS to come up with something that could more effectively inform alumni of what was available to them through the University," said Randy Lofgren, the Network's associate vice president. "We're working very hard to see ourselves as alumni see us."
Jeff Kilgore, executive vice president of Baylor Alumni Association, said he hopes that the new splash page will increase alumni response and involvement.
"The development of the splash page is just another forward step in how all the organizations that serve alumni work together," Kilgore said. "In today's high-paced culture we have to make things very accessible for our alumni, and this is another way in which we accomplish that goal. We look forward to relating with alumni and their families and addressing their needs through Baylor University."
Visit the new splash page at www.baylor.edu/alumni.
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