Web Extra: Student Poll

July 6, 2005
Compiled and photographed by Jennifer Russell

Students say: "What do you think Baylor needs from our new president?"

student poll wilkerson"I think it's really important for our next president to have a strong emphasis on the students and keep the legacy of Dr. Sloan in involving students in important decisions."
-- Kara Wilkerson, political science, Tulsa, Okla.

student poll sikes
"Our next president should serve as a unifying factor to smooth Baylor's transition into the future."
-- Matt Sikes, political science, Katy

student poll torres
"Our next president should be someone who's willing to share leadership abilities with his council and consider the needs of everybody, have good communication skills to get feedback from everybody on campus."
-- Rolando Torres, exercise physiology, McAllen

student poll clark
"Our next president should be open to listen to students' opinions and perspectives about how we think campus is and what we lack and need to improve on."
-- Amber Clark, nursing, Victoria

student poll soliz
"Be religious, well-educated and able to listen to what the student body has to say, but at the same time, be a good leader and know what's best for this school."
-- Brittany Soliz, undecided, Houston

student poll hamilton
"[Our next president should] fix the financial problems so that it's not financially difficult for people to go here."
-- Michael Hamilton, biology, Dallas

student poll smith
"Baylor needs someone to provide a unifying vision."
-- Genny Smith, master's in Spanish, Austin<

student poll alford
"Our new president should have good leadership skills and a sense of approachability for the students and faculty."
-- Ashley Alford, speech pathology, Rockwall

student poll laymon
"We need a president who will take time to heal the many wounds in the Baylor community. One whose highest aspiration for this University is to see Christ at its center, who will at the same time continue to pursue academic excellence at Baylor University."
-- Student Body President Mark Laymon, business, Dallas

student poll weiss
"We need a president who will keep the lines of communication open and stay in touch with the student body."
-- External Vice President Katie Weiss, political science, Dallas

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