Got Game?

June 23, 2005
Intramural sports are a part of many students' lives, but why stop after graduation? That's the idea behind a new sports program for Baylor alumni called Aftermurals.
For several years, Baylor alumni in Washington, D.C., Dallas and Houston have been playing group sports such as flag football and softball. After being hired as Young Grads coordinator for the Baylor Network last fall, Kendall Cockrell knew he had a game plan he could run with. "It's really one of those activities that when I mention it, I get a lot of e-mail response," he said. "People love being able to represent Baylor to other people."
There are now four softball teams in Dallas and one in Tarrant County, a volleyball team in Austin and flag football teams in Washington, D.C., and Houston. San Antonio and Waco graduates will be starting teams this summer, Cockrell said.
Aftermurals is open to alumni of any age, and many teams are coed. The only cost to participants is league fees and team T-shirts that sport the Baylor name.
For more information, e-mail or call the Baylor Network at (866) 281-9444 or (254) 710-8300.
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