Caught Pink-handed

June 23, 2005
pink toilet seatAt some point, it probably seemed like a good idea. But that changed at about 2 a.m. on April Fool's Day when a perpetrator of potty humor was flushed out.
That's when a Baylor Department of Public Safety officer stopped a big-nozed, black-spectacled young man near Draper Academic Building. Inside his backpack was a pink commode seat. Goodbye, cruel world.
The nefarious Noze Brothers were up to their notorious pranks, but this one didn't sit well with Baylor officials. At least six Brothers, who travel incognito in costume and fake noses, were involved in taking 20 toilet seats from the Baylor Sciences Building. After painting them pink - the Brothers' unofficial color (by the way, everything about the Noze is unofficial) - they nailed them to campus distribution boxes for The Lariat, the student newspaper and arch competitor of the Noze's satirical counterpart, The Rope.
Damages may approach $2,000, says Jim Doak, chief of Baylor DPS, who, by the way, isn't laughing. "What they consider to be a prank was extremely disruptive. What they fail to realize is that every action has a reaction," he says. "When you become destructive, it's not funny."
It's a physics application at least some of them now comprehend, especially since Doak says there's still a possibility criminal charges could be filed before the lid is slammed on the case.
The unofficial student group's new unofficial song? "Nobody Noze the Trouble We've Seen."
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