Diadeloso To Expand In Coming Years

February 12, 2004
It has been exciting to experience the activity being generated by the Baylor Network. In less than a year, more than 125 events and activities have brought members of the Baylor family together in cities and towns across the state and nation. It has been gratifying to hear so many relate to us how the Network is reconnecting old friends and promoting interest in all things Baylor.
All Baylor Bears will remember Diadeloso -- the Day of the Bear -- or May Day, as it was known by earlier classes. This time of casting cares and studies aside to enjoy a day of recreation has a time-honored place at Baylor. And now, thanks to a new program this spring, alumni can enjoy Diadeloso in places all across the state, nation and even some foreign ports.
Plans are being made to celebrate Diadeloso primarily with picnics and recreational games in cities throughout Texas and in major cities outside Texas. In 2005, we expect the Baylor family to hold Diadeloso in more than 20 locations.
The Baylor Network also is developing an extensive online presence where we envision alumni in especially far-flung places will be able to log on and share Diadeloso memories on a message board or perhaps watch some of the campus activities as they are streamed live on baylortv.com.
Another project the Network is hard at work on is an online directory for alumni with a variety of search and access possibilities. Look for more information on that soon.
Because of the investment the University is making in its alumni through the Baylor Network, a new day is dawning for all of us who treasure our great alma mater. Diadeloso is just one way in which Baylorites all over the globe can remember fondly the shared experience that continues to enliven relationships and shape futures.
Dr. Lofgren is Associate Vice President, The Baylor Network
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