50 Reasons I Love Baylor ...

February 12, 2004
Bianucci, BA '89, is a relocation consultant for Cendant Mobility in Dallas. He and wife, Cindy, live in Rockwall, Texas, and have two children, Jodie and Amy.

Welcome Week
Building lifelong friendships
Walking across stage to shake the Baylor president's hand and receive diploma
The real Baylor bears
Slime caps (thought they were silly little things but I still have mine)
4.2 GPA senior year (unfortunately - 2.0 fall, 2.2 spring)
Making the Deans' List (at least one semester)
Freshman year on the third floor of Kokernot Hall
Mud football in Minglewood Bowl
Haunted Hall designed for Halloween
Inscribing my name in the wet cement of the road humps
Fell in love for the first time
Had my heart broken
Came in as a shy and immature 18-year-old and left a confident 22-year-old young man
Becoming a Christian
Taking dates for picnics on top of the fire escape of the old Carroll Library building
Dr. Lester's religion courses (where I should have paid more attention)
Cafeterias and all the food that I could eat
Taking my parents to Baylor football games
Jogging through campus
The lovely ladies of Baylor
Homecoming parade
Bear Downs
8 a.m. classes
Golfing with my buddies
Exploring the underground tunnel system
Being thrown in the fountain for my birthday by freshman dormmates
Living in Baylor Plaza II for three years
Having female neighbors who put up with our pranks
Sailing in the Baylor Marina
Bicycle races in the parking garage
Made-up candidate during campus elections
The smells of Baylor during spring
The falling of leaves on campus during autumn
Failing my first course
Retaking economics
Studying all night for an exam, only to be so tired that my brain wouldn't function when I took it
Doing yard work for retired Baylor professors
Children's missions
Late-night pizza with my buddies
Falling asleep while studying in the library
Baylor athletics
Intramural sports
Having Dairy Queen within 100 yards of my apartment
The Baylor Line
Being on a first-name basis with nurses at the Baylor Health Center
Whenever people ask me what school I attended, proudly being able to state Baylor


The main reason I love Baylor is that it is a part of me and will forever be so. Baylor is family, and we will go through both joys and sorrows but will continue to grow together and become stronger. I am proud to call Baylor mine.
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