Rally For Sloan

August 23, 2003
"The ones that are being heard seem to be the ones with the negative viewpoints, but the majority of people are positive about 2012. By in large, we're in favor of it." -- Kirk Wakefield, chair and associate professor of marketing, Hankamer School of Business.

"I believe that any revolution causes conflict, and I think we have a revolution, a grand experiment. I come from a secular university, the University of Washington in Seattle, where the ability to integrate faith into lectures and such is not only discouraged, it's against the rules. And to come here and see people of like mind that celebrate our Lord is just a wonderful experience." -- Dr. Robert Marks, new Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

"A lot of people showed up even though it's Welcome Week and everyone's busy -- that says a lot. I think it's important for supporters of Dr. Sloan and Baylor 2012 to speak up." -- Beverly Warlick, Campus Recreation

"I think Baylor is a wonderfully exciting place to be. Robert Sloan has done a terrific job of being a bold and forceful leader. Baylor is doing something that no other school in America is doing ... . If we're going to have a pluralistic educational system, it's very important that we have schools like Baylor, where religious insights are welcomed and taken seriously. I think there's general excitement and a great desire to see Baylor succeed." -- Dr. C. Stephen Evans, University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities

"Baylor is not going backward, they are going forward. I can say this with an added degree of credibility as a 1988 alumnus of this University. The Baylor of the past is not a bad Baylor, but neither should the Baylor of the present be pitted against the Baylor of the past. ... The people who represent the 'loyal opposition' are my own teachers and, in many ways, supporters. This divide between the old and the new should be a false dichotomy." -- Dr. Todd Still, new associate professor of Christian scriptures, Truett Seminary

"I have a great love for Baylor and 2012. I have heard many supporters among alumni and donors, and I think the majority are positive -- it's just that they haven't had a voice." -- Larry Smith, assistant vice president, development programs and gift planning, University Development

"I'm very much in favor of President Sloan. I respect him in every way. I'm not teaching Greek and Latin so that people can make money. It seems totally useless to people, but if you're interested in truth and being a faithful Christian in the 21st century, I see Latin as the future, not the past. I couldn't do this type of work (his research topic) anywhere else but at Baylor." -- Dr. John Nordling, assistant professor of classics

"When I heard this afternoon that there would be a public statement from the faculty, I wanted to be part of it, there was no question that I wanted to be here. It excites us to be part of a Christian university that strives for excellence in everything. I am so concerned that the Vision go forward, that it not be deterred and sidetracked by all that has gone on over this tragic, tragic event." -- Dr. Jan Evans, assistant professor of Spanish

"We've been talking about student efforts to also really show our support for Sloan, and we've come up with some things we're planning on doing. We want it to be a grassroots student effort. I was very happy to see so many professors, so many of my professors also, out here to support Dr. Sloan. I think he's a great man, and I think he's taken this University where the current students want it to go." -- Brad Pierce, senior, internal vice president of Student Government
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