Audience Response from Baylor Family Dialogue Held July 18, 2003

August 8, 2003

Phyllis Draughn, BA '60
Life member of Baylor Alumni Association
Commerce, Texas
"I think this is an excellent way to let people express how they feel and ask questions that really concern them. We have a granddaughter who will be a freshman this year, and so we're real concerned about the tuition. Middle-income people are having a struggle, and I just wish it wasn't quite so high. But, we understand, and I guess no matter what it costs, we'll send her. So we think this was a very good dialogue, and I appreciate the opportunity to come and voice our concern."

Grover Jones, BBA '57
Salado, Texas
"I think it was good that we had this. I think some of the opinions might have been a little bit slanted, particularly on the alumni side of the table. It just so happens that I like Dr. Sloan and I think that Baylor Vision 2012 is a good thing. I think that Mr. McLane is a good leader of the regents, and I would encourage us to have another one of these some time in the future."

Suzanne Kelly, MS '69
Waco, Texas
"I was a little surprised that the dialogue became somewhat vindictive. I felt like most of the dialogue was beneficial for all of us who are alums, and I thought it was great on both sides to come forward and meet together in this forum. I think we kept it at a very intellectual level, until we got into some personal issues. I, for one, am concerned -- because I have a freshman starting this fall -- about this tuition and the fees. But I felt like Baylor was fairly reassuring in the fact that they will try to keep the Vision in perspective and try to keep the budget in line. ... And I think that was the best outcome of this, that we can all take a personal attitude of responsibility on both sides -- that we, as alumni, support Baylor, but on the other hand, that the administration owes us, and they owe us a lot. So, if they become personally fiscal responsible, then I am pleased with this outcome. ... Being a school teacher, myself, I sympathize greatly with the feelings of the faculty and the stress that they are under; on the other hand, as someone who also has had children attend other state universities, I do believe that the publishing factor is important in higher education, and that's something that Baylor is going to have to look at very carefully because all major universities do that."

Beverly Burrow PhD '96
Irving, Texas
"I grieve for friends on both sides and I almost didn't come. But when I heard both sides speak, it made me proud to be a part of a Baptist group where people really could be heard and where we could talk civilly. I'm not sure how much was accomplished, but I think something was, and I hope for reconciliation at some point. Baylor is a great place to be for students and it's a great place to have been a student."
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