Teaching Is a Passion

August 8, 2003
Our teachers, the best ones, did they not love what they did? Our mentors, our guides, our models, was it not their love that made us feel we wanted more? Their love opened the door for us. Not simply the door of knowledge -- we could always have gone to an encyclopedia for that. Their love made learning come alive.*
*How, Then, Shall We Live? by Wayne Muller, Bantam Books, 1996, p. 107
Take a look in almost any classroom on campus today and you will see that the legacy is alive and well and flourishing. Following are profiles of five professors -- some new to the University; others who have been here longer. Each brings an enthusiasm and commitment to both research and teaching that provides our students an extraordinarily rich educational experience. All have chosen to be at Baylor because, for them ... teaching is a passion.

Alden Smith
Carolyn Skurla
Julie Sweet
Mark Long
Wiff Rudd
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