Remember When?

August 8, 2003
The beginning of a new academic year often causes us to remember the anticipation we felt as entering freshmen at Baylor. We each have treasured memories -- some we enjoy sharing; some we prefer to keep to ourselves. Those of us who are able to enjoy Homecoming on campus this year no doubt will be flooded with recollections of relationships and activities that enriched our University experience.
Although we speak fondly of that time as though it were something we enjoyed only as students, for many of us, being a part of the Baylor family is an ongoing relationship. In Alumni Services, we hope that will become the case for more and more of you. We are committed to the idea that Baylor can be relevant to alumni regardless of location, age or interests. In fact, our programming focuses on those three dimensions -- geography, chronology or affinity -- as ways to keep the value of your Baylor experience fresh and topical.
For instance, the Mama Bears network that began in Houston this year now is forming in other cities. Our Internet-based online communities make it possible for Baylor alumni experiencing common life stages to connect and communicate. In this way, old friends sometimes are reunited and new friendships are made. The logical outcome would be site-based reunions and meetings. The Baylor Business Networks in Houston and Dallas (see story at right) are proving to be popular and productive. Similar programs in other cities are being planned as Alumni Services staff members are assigned.
Speaking of staff, we are enjoying the addition of four new employees. Carol Kent, BA '75, BS '76, has been assigned to northeast Texas as an Alumni Service officer residing in Dallas, and Brent Edwards, BM '77, MM '82, is the northwest Texas Alumni Service officer residing in Arlington. Both will have other responsibilities outside their specific territories. In addition, Edwards has extensive international contacts and will begin to initiate Baylor alumni programs abroad. Kent and Edwards join Brenda Morris, who serves in south Texas, to form the core of our Baylor Network leadership team. Jill Wade has joined us as an events specialist and Eric Treszoks is our online community specialist. We are blessed to have these talented team members, and we know our alumni will benefit from their commitment to the University and its graduates.

Lofgren, EdD, is associate vice president, Alumni Services at Baylor University
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