Chili's Too @ BU

August 7, 2003
Drive-thru dining it's not, but at least finding a parking spot near Baylor's on-campus "Chili's Too" should be easy.
Opened in August, the new Dutton Avenue Office and Parking Facility -- which includes parking for 1,200 cars and 30,000-square-feet of office space for Baylor academic, information technology and other administrative departments -- offers the nation's first "Chili's Too" restaurant on a college campus.
The plans for the collaborative effort among Baylor, Brinker International, Baylor Dining Services and the University's food service partner ARAMARK Campus Services were announced last spring.
"We're thrilled at the opportunity to bring this groundbreaking partnership to campus for the enjoyment of our students, faculty, staff and Central Texas neighbors," Baylor President Robert B. Sloan Jr. said at the May press conference announcing the partnership. "We believe that Chili's Too will provide a wonderful gathering place to enrich the community life at Baylor."
Fully decorated with Baylor memorabilia, the 155-seat "Chili's Too @ BU" is considered a "fast-casual" restaurant, where customers order at a counter and food is delivered to their tables. There is a separate counter for to-go orders. The restaurant's menu features most of the well-known Chili's favorites, including sandwiches, burgers, salads, "Guiltless Grill" items and other American cuisine with a Southwestern flair. The restaurant serves soft drinks and tea but no alcoholic beverages. "Chili's Too @ BU" also accepts BearBucks, which allows Baylor students to use their ID cards to make purchases.
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