Baylor Alumni Presents Howdy Homemade
Baylor Alumni Presents Howdy Homemade

Changing the way businesses hire individuals with special needs
Event held November 9, 2022

About our Guest Speakers

Tom LandisTom Landis, Founder & CEO - Howdy Homemade

Tom has worked closely with the Dallas special needs community for years, employing several special needs teens and adults at his Texadelphia locations. But it was Gene Stallings' transparency and genuine honesty, in Another Season, about the hopes and fears for their son Johnny – who had down syndrome – that deeply impacted Tom. While schools have come a long way in developing programs for those with special needs, many of those programs are lost after the child graduates high school. Tom sympathized as a parent, believing these adults had so much unrealized potential but seeing parents, many of whom are already stretched thin, struggling to find opportunities for their young adult children.

Coleman JonesColeman Jones, Vice President - Howdy Homemade

Coleman Jones is a proud Eagle Scout and Special Olympics Basketball player. Coleman’s leadership abilities began being noticed by Tom when he was serving at the Texadelphia restaurant. After seeing this and his role with the Highland Park football team, Tom knew Coleman needed to be a part of Howdy from the beginning. Like all of Howdy’s employees, he’s not just there to scoop ice cream. Coleman does everything from sweeping to running the cash register to making the ice cream and prepping the shop for opening. Tom hopes to be able to pass the Howdy Homemade business on to Coleman Jones one day.

Coleman Jones was recently recognized as a Baylor Alumni by Choice.

Brandt UrbanBrandt Urban, Vice President - Howdy Homemade

Brandt Urban graduated from Lake Highlands High School in 2014. His favorite ice cream is Dr Pepper Chocolate Chips. He loves Special Olympics, swimming, gold, track and field, basketball, softball, and volleyball. Brandt is an Eagle Scout and has incredible attention to detail and operations.

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