Baylor Alumni Spotlight

Bill Anderson
BBA '91
Executive Vice President at H-E-B
"We started making decisions that would have typically taken us months to implement, and we were doing it in literally hours and maybe a day or two."
Bill and Avonnell Ballou
BA '60
Established an Endowed Scholarship Fund
"I love Baylor so very much because Baylor provided for me a fantastic education, and it gave me my bride for life: Avonnell Bolton from Shreveport, Louisiana."
Elizabeth A. Davis
BFA '03
Tony Award-nominated stage actress
"The task of acting is so holy. As actors, we are called to enter into the body of a character and to give it life. To breathe life into a character -- that is incarnational."
Enimini Ekong
BA '07
Program Manager at the Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site
"Part of what I love about my job is that I get to challenge people's hearts around race and culture, with hopes that I can create a haven for hard conversations that are transformational."
Mallory Fuller
Graduate Student
Miss Texas 2021
"I love that Baylor is not ashamed of our Christian values... The faith aspect is something that is so important to me."
Shawn Golden and Lauren Prince Golden
JD '03 and BBA '00, JD '03
"We want to support other people in their desire to obtain a higher education that's Christian-based and doctrinally sound... We established scholarships in the names of our children, to show them, by example, what's important to us."
Sam Han
BA '11
Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School
"My time at Baylor is where I really found my roots. In Matthew 28 when Christ sends out his apostles to go and make disciples of all nations, I really do think that that's our calling no matter what field we are in."
Remembering Charles J. Harris
BA '42
First Lieutenant, U.S. Marines
"He was a good son. He was a good-looking young man, too, and tall. It's sad. It's really sad, but that's one thing I'm looking forward to in Heaven. I want to see Jesus first, but I want to see Uncle Charlie, too."
Dale Knight
Established an Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of his parents
"Baylor students lined up to give blood to save my mother's life. I've never forgotten that were it not for the kindness of those Baylor students, I wouldn't be here nor would my younger sister, Mary."
Kelly and Kyle Kovar
BA '99 and BBA '10
Captain and Paramedic with the Dallas Fire Department
"The classes at Baylor, the challenges that we faced at Baylor, I feel like they just helped mold us into who we are. It's great to share that legacy that we both went to Baylor and we're both on the fire department together."
Lindsey Koch and Vanessa Martinez
BA '17 and BBA '19
Founder of Feed the Frontline and Former Baylor Student Body President
"The beauty in it is that they may never know my name or who I am, and that's what we're called to do - as Christians, we are called to serve others and not necessarily get the credit."
Orhue Odaro
B.S. '11
Internal Medicine Physician
"A lot of spiritual growth happened while I was at Baylor. Being able to have something outside of myself to serve as a lens through which to view the world has helped me personally in terms of being a Christian and having a relationship with God."
Cruz Perez
Senior Political Science Major
Fall 2021 Official Baylor Ring Scholarship Recipient
"Baylor has changed my life, and I would not be who I am today without this experience."
Ray Perryman
BS '74
President and CEO of The Perryman Group
"Competition is going to intensify, because everyone has been kicked in the teeth. Everyone is trying to recover."
Kevin Pranoto
MDiv, MSW '16
Executive Director of Mission Oak Cliff
"As a person of color in this field, I feel like I've had to overcome a lot of obstacles. In nonprofit leadership, you see a lot of people of color working in non-profits, but you don't really see many of them in leadership positions or serving on boards."
Bill Shaddock
JD '77
Owner of The Shaddock Companies
"It is not only our duty to equip students from a legal knowledge standpoint, but to also teach them how they will be able to make a positive difference in the world. It is incumbent upon Baylor Law to create great lawyers who are also great leaders."
Debra Tibbetts
BSN '84
Retired nurse
"When I started hearing about (the severity of New York's COVID-19 outbreak) and seeing what was going on, God laid it on my heart really hard that I had the right skill set and the right background and the right experiences that I needed to help."

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