2010 Award Winners

View the gallery from the award ceremony. Every day, Baylor alumni represent the commitment to excellence, service and faith that has distinguished Baylor University in American higher education for more than 165 years. They are Fortune 500 company CEO's, professional athletes, teachers in third-world countries, missionaries, surgeons, ministers, and more.

In October 2010, Baylor honored 10 members of the Baylor family for their work and dedication to the ideals of Baylor University, which is to serve the Church and world in which we live.

award_alumnusBaylor Alumnus of the Year

J. Cary Gray, BBA '79, BA '80, JD '83

Awarded annually to a graduate who has demonstrated remarkable achievement in the previous year.

award_young_alumnaBaylor Young Alumna of the Year

Katie Kilpatrick, BA '08

Awarded annually to a graduate age 40 or under who has demonstrated remarkable achievement in the previous year.

award_ecclesiaPro Ecclesia Medal of Service

Dr. Bill Pinson

Awarded to an individual whose broad contributions to Christian ministry have made an immeasurable impact upon a local or global community.

award_texanaPro Texana Medal of Service

Sen. Kirk Watson, BA '80, JD '81

Awarded to an individual whose contributions in furthering the mission of Baylor in the public or non-profit sector have made an immeasurable impact.

award_legacyBaylor Legacy Award

Sadie Jo Black, BS '50
Sue Holt Getterman, BA '50
Harold Riley, BBA '52
Clifton Robinson, BBA '52

Presented to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary service and philanthropy to Baylor or to causes that fit our mission as a Christian university.

award_rebaylorFounders Medal

Charles, BA '55, and Mary Alice, BA '54, Wise

Reserved for men and women whose service and contributions have been unusually significant to the life and future of Baylor.