Steppin' In Challenge

Steppin'In Illustration

The Steppin’ In Challenge is an opportunity for the Baylor Family to pause for a single day and take an active role in service to their communities. Adapting the beloved student tradition Steppin’ Out, this year’s Steppin’ In Challenge takes into account the limitations related to fighting COVID-19. The activities suggested focus on low- or no-cost things people can do individually or as a family to positively impact their neighbors and communities.

Note: Please be sure to conform to any "shelter in place" or similar requirements for your community. Please maintain a safe distance between yourself and others.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Consumables & Crafts
    • Make and wrap cookies for first responders, school teachers or elderly neighbors and drop them off with notes of encouragement at the doorsteps of homes or facilities, or send them by mail. Or buy and send treats from a local vendor to the hospitals and EMT stations in areas where delivery is available.
    • Send a meal to someone who needs it – ordering through Favor, Grub Hub or other delivery service. Or seek out retailers who offer special deals like buy a meal for yourself and send a meal to first responders or others in need.
    • Make a Waco-favorite dinner for your family and take dinner to a friend or neighbor (Vitek's Gut Pak, Memorial Dining Hall’s Flying Saucer, Shorty’s Pizza Pillow, a Magnolia Table treat, or something that reminds you of one of these great Waco locations, for example).
    • Sew cloth facemasks for medical facilities by using available fabric or recycle old sheets and cotton garments. Visit Joann Fabrics’ web page for ideas and instructions.
    • Write cards and have children draw pictures to mail or drop off at local nursing homes or assisted living facilities.
    • Support local businesses by buying gift cards for later use or to give as gifts.
    • Order seeds for your favorite vegetables from an online supplier and work with your family to plant them in pots or in a prepared area of your yard. Make a plan to share the bounty with friends and neighbors.
  • Volunteering
    • Giving blood or plasma at a local blood bank or drive.
    • Record uplifting videos/messages to friends or to current/potential Baylor students.
    • Record and post encouragement videos to school teachers in your community.
    • Write thank you cards and letters of encouragement to
      • Medical Workers/EMTs
      • Police Officers/First responders
      • Teachers
    • Volunteer with School Districts, Meals on Wheels, etc. to safely prepare and deliver food.
    • Review resumes for individuals who have lost their jobs.
    • Foster a pet that has been turned over to a shelter due to a family's financial stress.
  • Educational & Entertaining
    • Transcribe historical documents for the Smithsonian through becoming a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer.
    • Record a chapter for an audiobook through Librivox, a free/public domain audio book service.
    • Read and record your favorite uplifting book and send to elderly relatives and friends or post online.
    • Record and post personal stories of hope from where you are.
    • Record and post instructions or lessons in an area of expertise.
    • Offer online tutoring for students in a subject related to your expertise.
    • Coordinate musicians and/or engage multiple singers to harmonize remotely to prepare and distribute encouraging videos.
    • Coordinate theater arts students to act out plays in video, edited together one act at a time.
    • Record and distribute children’s books and bedtime stories.
    • Play FreeRice with your family for one hour (free online game that donates 20 grains of rice to the World Food Programme for every word that is correctly defined).
    • Start a free lending library along your street using books you and your children have read. Invite neighbors to take a book they haven’t read and leave a book they have.
  • Community Aid
    • Neighbor Need Sheets
      • Write notes that can be left on neighbors’ doors providing a list of tasks that you can help with and ask them to call or email you with needs.
    • Collect and pray for prayer requests.
    • Offer to weed an elderly neighbor’s flower bed or mow a neighbor’s yard.
    • Reach out to single moms and find a way to support them (send a meal, read a story, leave them notes or cookies).
    • Use the morning to clear your family’s closets of clothes you no longer wear. Pack work attire for donating to a local job corps organization (like Christian Women’s Job Corp), and other clothing for drop off at a church clothing closet, Goodwill or shelter.
    • Take your family on a prayer walk through your neighborhood. Take turns praying for each family as you go by the houses.
    • Sit down with your family and generate a list of organizations or needs in your community, schools, church that connect with your interests and passions. Research 12 of these (one for each month) and write their key needs on index cards. Task your children with decorating each card with a monthly theme. Place a card on your refrigerator or message board each month and work together to make a difference in this area.

How are you serving your local community? Show us on social media; be sure to tag Baylor University on Instagram (@bayloruniversity), Twitter (@Baylor) and Facebook (@bayloruniversity1845).

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