Official Baylor Ring

Official Baylor Ring

Build Your Official Baylor Ring

The Official Baylor Ring Tradition

Baylor University’s legacy encompasses over 175 years of meaningful traditions. The Official Baylor Ring is a tangible symbol of our university’s rich heritage, and a lifelong emblem marking your incredible achievement and uniting you with Baylor alumni of the past, present and future.

Join the Tradition - The Official Baylor Ring!

Order during Spring Ring Week, February 22-25, 2021

Visit to customize and order your Official Baylor Ring during Ring Week! Baylor offers Fall and Spring Ring Weeks each year.

Alumni and students with 75+ hours must order during Ring Week to pick up their rings at Ring Round Up and virtually participate in BeaRing the Night and the Offical Baylor Ring Ceremony.

To view Offical Baylor Ring samples and be sized, schedule your appointment here.

*To follow social distancing recommendations, in-person appointments will follow Baylor University’s Interim COVID-19 Policies and will be limited to 15 minutes to provide adequate sanitation time in between appointments.

Questions? Contact us at


Baylor alumni and undergraduate students who have achieved 75 or more credit hours, and graduate students who have completed 18 hours toward their degree are eligible to order the Official Baylor Ring.

*Rings purchased from vendors other than Balfour, the official ring provider for Baylor University, are not the Official Baylor Ring. Participation in the Official Baylor Ring Ceremony is reserved for students and alumni who purchase the Official Baylor Ring from Balfour.

Ring Round Up

"Round Up" your Official Baylor Rings after they spend the night in the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat for the BeaRing the Night tradition!

Fall 2020 Ring Round Up: Schedule appointment here

Because of event social distancing requirements, Ring Round Up is available by appointment only. Fall Ring Week Orders must be picked up on November 21.

Can't make it to Ring Round Up? Contact us at to coordinate arrangements.

Spring 2021 Ring Round Up: Appointments will open in March 2021.

Official Baylor Ring Virtual Events

Because of event restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we will miss celebrating Official Baylor Rings events in person this year, but we are pleased to share that virtual BeaRing the Night and Ring Ceremony videos are being developed for you to watch at your convenience with your loved ones in the comfort of your homes.

Ring recipients and guests who register by December 11, 2020 will receive an email from Baylor Alumni on Monday, December 14, 2020 with pre-recorded videos of BeaRing the Night and the Official Baylor Ring Ceremony.

Register here to receive the BeaRing the Night and Ring Ceremony videos.

Those who order during Spring Ring Week will receive updated videos in May 2021 (date TBD).

*Please note: Official Baylor Ring recipients may attend any future, in-person BeaRing the Night event and Ring Ceremony.

BeaRing the Night

It’s a SlumBear Party! Our virtual BeaRing the Night event will entertain you – and our mascots! Watch as the ring vault is placed in the Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat before “BeaRing the Night” under the watchful eyes of our treasured Baylor mascots – after a little (supervised) play time, of course!

Ring Ceremony

Celebrate your incredible achievement and the Official Baylor Ring tradition by viewing the virtual Baylor Ring Ceremony with your nearest and dearest! You and your virtual guests will hear from inspirational speakers, including Baylor University President Linda Livingstone, Baylor alumnus Vince Clark, plus others!

Support the Official Baylor Ring Scholarship Program!

Each Official Baylor Ring purchase helps support the Official Baylor Ring Scholarship fund, which will help ensure that the Official Baylor Ring is attainable for all eligible students who wish to participate in the Official Baylor Ring tradition. We plan to begin awarding Official Baylor Ring Scholarships in 2021; please check back for updates.

Official Baylor Ring FAQs

Additional Information:

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