Session Topics at Alleluia

Session Topics at Alleluia

With a wide selection of opportunities for each member of your music leadership team, Alleluia has something to offer every church musician and we encourage you to attend and experience first-hand, the rejuvenation that comes from joining other like-minded leaders. Below are the topics Alleluia breakout sessions focus on.

Children's Music

One of the characteristics of a vibrant music ministry is a well-nurtured children's music program focusing on music education, spiritual development, and ensembles. For that reason, Alleluia not only provides children’s music sessions throughout the conference but also offers a unique full day of intensive training geared to equip a children’s music team with relevant and useful tools for effective ministry. Learn more about our one day intensive by clicking here.


The role of the adult choir in worship holds a significant and even fundamental place in many congregations. At Alleluia, the tradition of choral singing and the development of the conductor are strong parts of our mission. It is our goal to bring the finest choral clinicians to the Christian context of Alleluia in order to create the premier learning environment for the church musician. Whether you are a novice or an advanced conductor, you are sure to find a wealth of new ideas from this year's conducting breakout sessions.

Discussion Panels & PIE Talks

At Alleluia, we offer a selection of discussion panels on an number of practical ministry topics. Panelists from across the country will answer questions and provide insight on a broad range of topics within each broader subject.  Additionally, we offer P.I.E. (Practice, Innovation, & Experience) Talks throughout the week. During these sessions, three ministers and/or field experts will present for fifteen minutes about a particular topic, sharing experiences, while imagining the future.

Global Music

As our world becomes increasingly more multicultural, we recognize the significance in exploring and providing exposure to global church music. In these sessions, leaders will explore music from non-Western culture and identify how global music impacts the life of the Church.


Utilizing the beauty of this instrument, beginning and advanced musicians are offered rewarding artistic and ministry experiences. At Alleluia, we value the importance of a well-cultivated handbell program by devoting a full day to training handbell leaders and ensemble members. We encourage ministry leaders to bring their entire group to experience this one-day intensive.


The role of the organ in worship holds a significant and even fundamental place in many congregations. At Alleluia, we want to encourage organists to maintain the tradition of service playing, while providing them with tools to navigate the changing landscape of church music. It is our goal to bring the finest organists to the Christian context of Alleluia in order to create the premier learning environment for organists of all skill levels.


At Alleluia, the church pianist can find helpful resources that will inspire creative and fresh artistry, while being rejuvenated by uplifting worship experiences and exciting musical encounters. Pianists of many different skill levels have found Alleluia is a safe environment where they can fine-tune their technical skills, hear new literature, and be exposed to fresh ideas about service playing.

Band-led Worship

Many of today’s churches find their best expression of worship in contemporary music led by a worship team. Alleluia seeks to offer training opportunities for those interested in refining their skills as a worship leader as well as for those who are looking to form a ministry using modern band models.

Reading Sessions

One of the hallmarks of the Alleluia Conference is the incredible reading sessions led by composers and editors. There are sessions specifically devoted to the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, as well as a session of composer favorites. Alleluia is also the only music conference of its type which offers a choral/orchestral reading session, with a live orchestra! Ministers are sure to find new music and resources that they and their choirs will love! Additional opportunities to read and hear new music include: handbells, children’s choirs, new piano releases, cantata reading sessions, new literature for organists, contemporary songs for worship, and more.


We recognize that the world of church music is constantly being impacted by new technology and we seek to equip leaders with tools necessary to navigate this ever-changing world. To this end, Alleluia offers sessions geared specifically to those interested in incorporating and improving technology usage in worship.


We believe that worship is the most important thing that the Church does, and, at Alleluia, we want to help you enhance your ministry by providing a place in which you can dialogue with leading worship theologians and practitioners.

Youth Choirs

Many churches have found great success in their youth choir ministries. Youth choirs can provide much needed opportunities for both Christian education and musical growth. Our children and youth are the future leaders and lay persons of our churches. At Alleluia, we value the place of the youth choir in music ministry and have joined forces with YouthCUE to provide the highest quality training in youth choir leadership.

and more...

We are continually adding new session ideas to Alleluia and encourage you to view our Tentative Event Schedule to explore all that our conference has to offer.

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