Horace Maxile

Stephen Gusukuma

Black Sacred Music
HORACE J. MAXILE, Jr., Assistant Professor of Music Theory at Baylor University, holds the Ph.D. in Musicology (Music Theory emphasis) from Louisiana State University. Prior to joining the faculty at Baylor, he taught at The University of North Carolina at Asheville and served as Associate Director of Research at the Center for Black Music Research (Columbia College Chicago).His research interests include the concert music of African American composers, jazz analysis, gospel music, and musical semiotics. Among his publications are articles and reviews in Perspectives of New Music, The Annual Review of Jazz Studies, Black Music Research Journal, and Journal for the Society of American Music. He was Associate Editor of the Encyclopedia of African-American Music (Greenwood Press, 2011).

Among his posts in music ministry are appointments at Donaldson Chapel Baptist Church (Baton Rouge, LA), Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Asheville, NC), and Broadview Missionary Baptist Church. He currently serves as keyboardist and men’s choir director at Toliver Chapel Baptist Church in Waco, TX.

2018 Breakout Sessions

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