Ben Johansen

Ben Johansen

Music Notation Software
Dr. Ben Johansen has been teaching music technology to church musicians, music educators, composers, performers, and non-music majors for many years. Ben is an interdisciplinary composer fascinated with exploring new ways of creating and organizing sound -- teaching is a passion of his that accompanies his desire to continually learn, create, and research. He completed his Bachelor’s in Music Education and Master’s in Music Composition at Baylor University where he is currently employed. Ben earned his Ph.D. from University of North Texas in Music with an emphasis in Composition, a Specialization in Computer Media, and a minor in Installation Art.

2018 Breakout Sessions

Introduction to Notation Software
This session is designed to equip musicians with the fundamentals of using notation software effectively and efficiently. Whether you have never used notation software or if you use it daily, this session is for you. You will get experience using Finale, Dorico, and some free alternatives as you sit at your own lab computer equipped with Finale and Dorico software, a MIDI keyboard, and headphones. Sessions will take place on the 3rd floor of the Moody Library in the Crouch Library's Music Lab.

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