Heather Sorenson

Heather Sorenson

Composer and arranger Heather Sorenson entered the church music industry several years ago, and her name has quickly become a welcomed fixture in the publishing world. Heather is hired by the largest and most respected publishers in the world, and her pieces remain at the top of bestseller lists and Editor's Choice selections.

Diversity is the characteristic that sets Heather's works apart from other artists. Initially recognized for her skill as a pianist, Heather is now known for her compositions in choral anthems, piano collections, children's series, and orchestrations. Her stylistic diversity is also apparent, as she easily maneuvers both the traditional and contemporary genres of music, often combining the two for a unique blend that has become her artistic fingerprint.

Heather is also in demand as a clinician and performer, leading master classes and speaking at various worship conferences held throughout the country.

2016 Breakout Sessions

Congregational Accompaniment Issues
Not sure what to add into your congregational accompaniment? Do you feel like you play every verse of every song the exact same way? This session offers ideas for different elements to add into your playing for different styles of worship.
"A Mixed Bag of Composition/Arranging Tips"
The art of composition goes beyond having a good idea for a song or arrangement. It is a craft in which writers never stop learning and growing. In this session, Heather discusses the things she has learned while in the music industry.
Playing Well With Others
Many music ministries are transitioning. How does this affect the pianist? What new tools do we need to serve in this changing dynamic? This session will discuss the pianist's changing role in ministry, and how to read charts.
When You Can't See the Forest for the Trees
Sometimes we forget why we do what we do. Sometimes service logistics {and fellow congregants} smother our worship. This session helps pianists (and other ministers) to take a step back and see the bigger picture in ministry.