Randall Bradley

Randall Bradley

Worship Leadership
Having served as a minister of music since 1978 and teacher of church musicians since 1989, Randall Bradley is deeply committed to music ministry. He is the Ben H. Williams Professor of Church Music and Director of the Church Music Program and the Center for Christian Music Studies at Baylor University where he is a member of the undergraduate and graduate faculties and directs the Baylor University Men's Choir. With a passion for building bridges between Christian musicians, he continually looks for ways to create meaningful dialogue among all who are committed to serving the church through music.


His books Christian Worship: Its Theology and Practice (co-authored with Franklin Segler) and From Postlude to Prelude: Music Ministry's Other Six Days, are widely used as texts in classes in colleges and seminaries. His newest book, From Memory to Imagination: Reforming the Church's Music, was published by Eerdmans in September, 2012. Randall is married to Brenda who teaches English at McLennan Community College, and they are parents to Hannah and Isaac.

2018 Breakout Sessions

Building Your Choir Intergenerationally
Many church choirs are aging and lacking the ability to attract younger members. Based on a working model, this session will explore strategies that, in a local church context, are proving to be effective.

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