Exemplary Leadership in Church Music

The Award for Exemplary Leadership in Church Music was instituted in 2005 and is given to a graduate of Baylor University who has contributed uniquely and significantly to some aspect of the broad scope of church music ministry. The award can be given for cumulative lifetime achievement or a singular contribution.

This summer we are excited to present the Award for Exemplary Leadership in Church Music to:

Benjie Harlan

Benjamin Harlan holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in theory and composition from Baylor University. He holds an advanced degree in church music and conducting from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is, by his own admission, a church musician foremost who, along the way, served on the faculties of the seminaries in both New Orleans and Fort Worth. He currently serves as the Director of Music at University Baptist Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Sacred choral music and vibrant congregational singing are the areas of his greatest interest. And, to those interests, he continues to explore new ideas that will aid the local church.

Read more about Benji by clicking here.

Past Recipients

Year of Award Name Baylor Alumni, Class of
2005 Wesley L. Forbis 1956
2006 Milburn Price 1963
2007 Buryl Red 1957
2008 Billy Ray Hearn 1954
2009 Hal H. Hopson 1954
2010 Mark Hayes 1975
2011 Joan Sutton 1951
2012 Sam Prestidge 1950
2013 O. D. Hall, Jr 1957
2014 Lloyd Hawthorne 1966
2015 Arnold Sherman 1966
2016 Nick Strimple 1969
2017 Robert Sterling 1977

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