Program Benefits

Become a Leader

During freshman and sophomore year, cadets learn about the Air Force and Space Force, its history, and basic principles of leadership in the General Military Course (GMC). For most, this may be the first military training environment they will experience. It is an opportunity for cadets to improve their communication skills and learn what the Air Force has to offer. Cadets in their junior and senior year are in the Professional Officer Course (POC), where they continue to learn leadership theory and prepare for Active Duty. By participating in our leadership training program, all cadets will improve their strength of character through the cultivation of leadership, competence, wingmanship, and warrior ethos. 

No Commitment until Junior Year

AFROTC is free of commitment to serve in the military for the first two years, unless you are selected to receive a scholarship. This allows you to try out the military and develop your leadership ability before choosing to serve in our Air Force or Space Force. 

Lifelong Friendships

While participating in AFROTC, you will be surrounded by determined men and women who are ready to make a difference in the world for our country. Drawing on Baylor University and the Air Force and Space Force's emphasis on community, you will find a home at Detachment 810 that is committed to integrity, humble service, and excellence. 

Academic Credit

Baylor University and its crosstown schools will provide academic credit for taking AFROTC courses. Depending on the academic department, you may receive credit for an elective or Lifetime Fitness. Because our classes only require 6-7 hours per week on average, you will still be able and encouraged to experience all your college has to offer (intramural sports, fraternities/sororities, professional clubs, etc).


High school seniors can earn up to a 4-year scholarship by applying at www.afrotc.com. If you do not earn an AFROTC scholarship through our high school senior program, you can still compete for an in-college scholarship during your freshman and sophomore years. 

AFROTC Det 810
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Baylor University
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Last Modified: June 2, 2021