National Air Force ROTC Scholarships

Air Force ROTC offers scholarships in varying term lengths and amounts that will cover full or partial tuition and fees. These scholarships help remove some of the barriers to education and a career of service. 

The first opportunity for Air Force cadets to earn a scholarship is when they are a rising high school senior. The application window for the High School Scholarship Program is 1 Jun - 1 Dec. Click the link below to apply. 

Additional opportunities to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship in college exist when a cadet (1) meets required academic and physical fitness criteria, (2) is medical qualified, and (3) demonstrates military excellence by applying the knowledge, skills, and attributes learned in our classes. There is no formal application for the In-College Scholarship Program. We will nominate cadets for scholarships based on their performance in our classes. Click Apply on the menu to your left to apply. 

Baylor University and Friends of Detachment 810


Housing Incentive Scholarship

Baylor University awards an additional incentive scholarship of $3,000 per year to incoming Air Force ROTC High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) Type 1 and Type 2 recipients who reside on campus. This scholarship is renewable for up to 8 undergraduate semesters provided the student (1) continues to receive the ROTC scholarship, (2) resides on-campus, and (3) maintains a minimum 3.0 Baylor cumulative GPA.

Chaplain (Major General) Gerald Marsh Endowed Scholarship

The Chaplain (Major General) Gerald Marsh Endowed Scholarship was created in August of 1993 to establish an award for Baylor AFROTC cadets. Each year at Homecoming, the Baylor AFROTC Alumni Advisory Committee awards scholarships to cadets enrolled in AFROTC. This annual event provides the Baylor AFROTC Alumni Association an opportunity to recognize outstanding cadet accomplishment while helping to mitigate today's rising educational costs.

Raynor L. Hebert Memorial Scholarship

Established by the James Connally Angel Flight in 1966, this scholarship is given on the basis of leadership, ability, character, and need. It is given in memory of Raynor Hebert who died to save the lives of others. On May 13, 1964, Lt Hebert crashed his plane in a residential area in Las Vegas, Nevada. Having technical difficulties with the plane, Hebert chose to remain in it to land it away from an elementary school with 800 children inside. In performing such an heroic act, Lt Hebert lost his own life. The lives of a mother and her child and two other small children were also lost. Lt Hebert graduated from Baylor May 27, 1960. He was an AFROTC cadet and a squadron commander in 1959. He was also a member of Arnold Air Society and Circle K. He was 26 at the time of his death.

Captain Larry Glenn Pitts Memorial Scholarship

Captain Larry G. Pitts lives in the memories of his family, friends, and classmates. He touched the lives of all that knew him, and even in death, his memorial scholarship continues to further the high ideals and commitment to service in which he believed.  Larry’s last pastor wrote a tribute about him stating, “Larry believed in doing worthwhile things. He believed that one’s talents and energies should benefit his community. He had a deep commitment to his God, his country, and to his newly adopted community.  We are thankful for the opportunity that we had to know Larry. Our lives are richer and stronger, and the Stars and Stripes wave more proudly because Larry G. Pitts passed our way.”

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