Cross-town Schools and Nursing Students

A cross-town school is a university or community college that offers AFROTC, but their students must attend classes at the host university. Students who attend cross-town schools will still receive academic credit for AFROTC classes from their institution. 

The following schools have partnered with Baylor University to offer AFROTC: 

  • University of Mary-Hardin Baylor
  • Texas Tech University in Waco Campus
  • McLennan Community College

AFROTC cadets who wish to pursue a degree in Nursing through Baylor University are still required to attend AFROTC classes in Waco, even though their upper-division classes are held at the Louise Herrington School of Nursing in Dallas. We offer our AFROTC classes during times our nursing cadets can attend, and we routinely graduate Air Force nurses.

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Last Modified: June 19, 2019