Air Force ROTC Alumni

Alumni members meet every fall during Homecoming Weekend. Along with enjoying fellowship with other active and former Air Force officers, members also review and select recipients for the Chaplain Maj. Gen. Gerald E. Marsh AFROTC Alumni Scholarship.

If you'd like to locate detachment classmates or update your contact information, please contact us at the detachment. You may also update your information or search for classmates using the Baylor Alumni & Friends Directory.

AFROTC Alumni Newsletter

The U.S. Postal Service will deliver a hardcopy of our alumni newsletter to you; however, if you would prefer an electronic version of our alumni bulletin or not to receive a newsletter and be removed from the mailing list, please e-mail the detachment and let us know.

Alumni Newsletters

AFROTC Alumni Scholarships

Since its founding in 1991, the Baylor AFROTC Alumni Association has provided numerous scholarships for Baylor cadets. Click on Scholarships on the menu to your left to learn more. 

AFROTC Corps of Cadets Endowment Fund

The AFROTC Corps of Cadets Endowment Fund provides opportunities to fund cadet operations and / or equipment to enhance leadership and morale experiences. Examples might include sponsoring the annual Combat Dining-In (Fall), Dining-Out (Spring), unique exercise equipment not provided by Baylor, flashlights for morning runs, etc. The Cadet Wing prioritizes their requirements for the academic year and presents the information to the Detachment Commander for approval. The Detachment Commander has sole responsibility for distributing this fund to assist the cadets.

AFROTC Betterment of the Corps

The Betterment of the Corps Program was established to provide events for the AFROTC Detachment 810 cadet wing which are not funded by the Air Force or Baylor University. Past activities include motivational meals hosted for the cadet wing a couple of times each semester in addition to a Thanksgiving meal which has become the traditional Fall favorite. A "dead day" meal available to cadets studying for finals gives Det 810 students that extra boost they need to finish the semester strong!

We are thankful for the incredible Alumni support we receive on a continual basis and encourage you to contact us if you have questions about involvement or participation in our current programs at (254) 710-3513 or by e-mail at

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