Cadre Corner

Howdy! We want YOU to be a part of the 810th AFROTC Cadet Wing! Our job is producing officers for the United States Air Force. What is your dream? Perhaps you want to fly jets. Or perhaps you want to be a doctor, nurse, engineer, or space support officer? Perhaps you are just looking for money for college or a great start for your life after college. In any case, we want to be part of your future.

The AFROTC Det 810 cadre take pride in mentoring the cadet wing leadership in producing the best possible officers for the Air Force. We commission many pilots, engineers, doctors, and nurses. Other new second lieutenants go on to space and missiles, combat systems operators (formerly navigators), air battle managers, and a dozen mission support career fields. As a 2d Lt, you’ll be serving your country in the world’s best Air Force and earn a regular military compensation (RMC) of over $54,000 per year (i.e., RMC combines basic pay, the Basic Allowance for Subsistence, the Basic Allowance for Housing, and the tax advantage of those two untaxed allowances).

Whether you make the Regular Air Force a career or serve a single term, you’ll gain the experience of a lifetime. Your minimum obligation is 4 years of active duty except for pilots, doctors, navigators, and air battle managers who serve longer. As you serve the Air Force, you may also earn the GI Bill benefit, worth up to $70,000 over 36 academic months--easily enough to get that masters degree or even a doctorate at a state school.

Are you up to the challenge? You can see our standards at Do you like to be in charge and lead your peers to attain goals? Do you seek a challenging career with great rewards? The Air Force could be for you! By the way, you are under no obligation to the USAF until you start your sophomore year with a scholarship or you start your junior year without a scholarship. You can try AFROTC for at least a semester or more before you become obligated--plenty of time to decide if this is for you.

AFROTC Detachment 810 is a large Det typically having over 100 cadets. We have produced over 1,300 second lieutentants since our inception in 1948. Thirty percent of our wing is female too! Our activities are varied, fun, and cadet led. As a freshman and sophomore cadet, you attend AFROTC class one hour per week and attend a 2-hour leadership laboratory with the entire cadet wing. You also attend physical training sessions with the wing each week. As a freshman and sophomore, your total required commitment to AFROTC is about 5 hours per week. The rest of the time, you are a Baylor student--just like every other student. You wear your uniform to show your pride in service. Your AFROTC responsibilities will increase as your skills increase, but you will always be a student first, focused on good grades! Apply for the high school scholarship today at and give us a call at (254) 710-3513. We want to make your dream come true!

Lt Col Myers Gray
Detachment Commander
C-17 Pilot


Maj Roy Martin
Education Flight Commander
C-26 Pilot


Capt Victoria Mitchell
Operations Flight Commander
Logistics Readiness Officer


Capt Maykei Cepeda
Recruiting Flight Commander
Developmental Engineer