The Air Force ROTC Experience

Air Force ROTC is a challenge and an opportunity. It is a head-start on a lifetime of success, within the Air Force and in everything you choose to do.
The program is based on a four year program with two years in the General Military Course and, after successfully completing Field Training, two years in the Professional Officers Course.

General Military Course

The program begins with the two-year General Military Course (GMC). Divided into one-year units, the course meets weekly for four hours. In it, you'll learn the Air Force's mission and command structure, and take a look at military life.

The General Military Course teaches cadets about strategies, doctrines and uses of aerospace power. This course is paired with a cadet-led leadership lab that helps prepare cadets for their role as officers. Career opportunities and educational benefits are discussed.

To qualify for the General Military Course (AS 100 and 200), you must:

  • Be a full-time student (12 credit hours per semester).
  • Be a United States citizen (to receive a scholarship).
  • Be in good physical condition.
  • Have a good moral character.
  • Be at least age 14 (17 if receiving a scholarship).

Field Training

After completing the GMC, you'll compete nationally to attend four weeks of field training, usually during the summer before your junior year.

Outdoor exercises consist of physical conditioning, weapons practice, and survival training. When in a classroom, you'll receive junior officer training and career orientation. The classroom phase will also teach you more about Air Force operations.

Travel is paid for by the Air Force.

Professional Officer Course (POC)

Focusing on Air Force situations, the POC (AS300 and AS400) offers advanced training using leadership, management, and communication skills. Class time occupies three hours a week. There's also a two-hour leadership lab.

In AS300, you will examine leadership and management theories and apply them in the cadet-run leadership lab.

In AS400, you will examine the role of the U.S. military in society. Domestic and international military relationships will be learned, as well as how national security policies are designed and applied.

In both AS300 and AS400, POC cadets participate in:

  • Group discussions and case studies
  • Individual and group problem-solving
  • Planning, organizing, directing, and guiding the cadet corps
  • Preparing briefings and written communications
  • Conducting interviews

To qualify for the Professional Officer Course (AS 300 and 400) in our program, you must meet all the qualifications for the General Military Course, and:

  • Have two academic years remaining (undergraduate, graduate, or a combination of both).
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Be at least age 18, or 17 with a parent or legal guardian's consent.
  • Be physically qualified.
  • Pass the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.
  • Be selected by a board of Air Force officers.
  • Complete a summer field-training course.

Pilot or navigator candidates must complete the General and Professional Officer Courses before age 29, and enter flight training before age 30.