Quality Education in a Strong Academic Environment

Prospective Students and Parents

Air Force ROTC Detachment 810 is a great way to get a commission in the Air Force while completing your undergratuate degree at Baylor University, the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, or Texas Tech University - Waco. Here is some information to help you in making your decision on whether to join us.

Why Air Force ROTC

As an Air Force ROTC cadet, you may be entitled to the following benefits:

Scholarship recipients receive:

  • Money for college tuition, textbooks, lab, and incidental fees

Scholarship recipients and/or Professional Officer Course cadets can receive:

  • A monthly tax-free allowance while in school
  • Travel on military aircraft on a space-available basis

All cadets receive:

  • Management training and opportunities to apply leadership principles
  • At most schools, academic credit for your Air Force ROTC classes
  • Visits to Air Force bases
  • The opportunity to delay entering active duty while you pursue a graduate, medical, or law degree
  • An exciting job after graduation

Included with these benefits are social and extracurricular activities, as well as the Air Force ROTC team spirit.

Cadet Testimonials


AFROTC has by far been the biggest influence on my life since I arrived at Baylor as a freshman in 2012. The program has aided in my personal development through interaction with peers and experience leading those around me through difficult circumstances. ROTC brings a new challenge each day, and throughout my time here I have had to overcome far more than I ever would have as just a student. I am thankful for those challenges because they shaped me into who am I today and gave me the confidence to never back down from any problems that I might encounter. 

                                   - Justin, AS400, Majoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies


My ROTC experience has expanded my horizons in both personal and professional ways. Personally, I've learned how to better mobilize others through encouragement and support to accomplish things that are very difficult, like getting through a summer in Mississippi during Field Training. I also have been able to cast my net widely though my ROTC experiencing, opening up new doors for jobs and services after college. All in all, ROTC has taught me how to motivate others and secure a note-worthy occupation after I graduate.

                                                                 - Austin, AS300, Majoring in Political Science


AFROTC is definitely a really pleasant program. The more involved in the program, the more it will be of a benefit for you. It challenges each cadet both mentally and physically but the reward is worth the hardships.

                                                                         - James, AS200, Majoring in Bioinformatics


Our flight, Bravo, were the 2016 Warrior Day Champions, which was a fun and exciting event. The POC are very reliable, knowledgeable, and easy to approach if I have any questions or concerns. They also are very encouraging to everyone and me, especially at PT. All my closest friends I have made so far since I transferred to Baylor are all in AFROTC.

                                                            - Victoria, AS250, Majoring in Nutrition Science


Baylor's Air Force ROTC is the reason I chose Baylor. Since my first visit to the detachment to now being a cadet in Alpha flight, everyone has been accepting, motivating, and professional. I know that I have a home in Baylor's Air Force ROTC program and that every cadet and airmen around me is there to support me in any way that they can. AIR POWER.

                                                                                 - Matt,  AS100, Majoring in Chemistry


Air Force ROTC is by far my favorite thing about Baylor. The friendships I've developed throughout such a short period of time are unexplainable. I didn't believe the upperclassman when they said how close everyone gets but it really has become a family to me. Whether its academics, physical fitness or, drill there is always somebody willing to help you.

                                                               - Bianca, AS100, Majoring in Political Science