Fall 2020: Alternate International Online Start

Fall 2020 Only: International students outside the U.S. who are unable to start classes on Baylor's Waco, TX campus as a result of travel bans stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic can elect to take full-time classes online from their home country until they are able to travel to Baylor for the Spring 2021 term.

We are excited to welcome you into the program virtually! Studying online is a great way to transition into your university studies from the comforts of home, while also avoiding a delay in your education at Baylor.

As a Baylor student in the Alternate International Online Start Program, you will have access to the following with our virtual courses:

  • High-quality, interactive and engaging lessons delivered by the same instructors who deliver the face-to-face programs on campus.
  • Virtual learning platforms with access to course outlines, materials, discussion forums, recorded sessions (video and voice), collaboration tools and more, depending on the needs of the course.
  • A combination of asynchronous (on your own time) courses and synchronous (live, real-time) office hours.

We understand that you might have questions, please read below for more information about studying online.

How do I register for the Alternate International Online Start?

Enrollment for the Alternate International Online Start is very simple. Please simply log into your goBAYLOR account and click the form link provided at the top section of your homepage, titled “Alternate International Online Start.” If you have trouble accessing or finding the link, please email us at international_admissions@baylor.edu.

How do I begin my online classes?

Before you begin your online classes, you will need to meet with your academic advisor to register for your classes. Once you submit your advising questionnaire, an academic advisor will schedule an appointment with you.

What will Academic Advising look like?

Students who cannot travel to campus for Fall 2020 semester, but would like to take classes to begin their academic career at Baylor, will be able to take fall classes online. Advisors will send a message in the Baylor email account for students to schedule an advising appointment and register for fall classes. The appointment options will be on a weekday, Monday through Friday, CST.

How and when will I attend my courses?

For your convenience, most of our virtual learning is delivered asynchronously and will be recorded for you to view on your own time. You’ll be responsible for scheduling your days to allow time to watch lectures and complete projects and assignments.

You’ll need to present online in real time for synchronous activities, like office hours and some assessments or exams.

How will I access my course materials?

You will be able to access your course materials on CANVAS - this is Baylor's online learning platform.

When do I get access to the Canvas platform?

You will receive access to Canvas once you have set up your BearID and password. You will also need to have DUO authentication setup to access this site.

Is there a different cost for the Alternate International Online Start?

Students enrolled in the Alternate International Online Start will be exempt from fees usually associated with campus living. A detailed breakdown of the Fall 2020 Alternate International Online Start Costs can also be found on our Student Financial Services website.

Online Technical Issues FAQ

What if I have technical difficulties or connectivity issues?

Our Information Technology Services (ITS) Department is available for technical assistance through ITS Help.

I can’t find the Navigate App for Orientation in the App Store:

Navigate can be accessed directly through your web browser:

I can’t access Box content, even after attempting different VPNs:

Try logging in to these URLs from your web browser:
https://app.boxcn.net OR https://app.boxenterprise.net.

I can’t access my lecture’s videos or course materials through Canvas:

Use Azure VDI (Virtual Desktop) to access Canvas materials.

Instructions for Azure VDI (Virtual Desktop) installation:

The Baylor Azure VDI environment can be reached via the Web Client or Remote Desktop Client. The web client provides the simplest means of access and is recommended for most users.

Web client (Windows or macOS) - recommended:

  1. Navigate to https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/webclient/index.html
  2. Authenticate using BearID and DUO (this is for access to the Azure VDI environment).
  3. Select the “LATS Student Workstation” resource pool.
  4. Again, login with you bearid when prompted (this is for access to the VM).

The remote desktop client (linked below) can be used when advanced features are required, such as multi-screen support, mapping local drives, etc.

Remote Desktop Client (Windows):

Remote Desktop Client (macOS):

Note: if using a Desktop client, use https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com as the Workspace URL. You will see the pools you have access to after logging in with your BearID and DUO.

If, after trying the solutions listed in this FAQ you are still having connection difficulty, please contact ITS through the HELP desk for further assistance.

Deposit Refund Offer Ends May 10 at 5pm CDT
Deposited students -- If you've since decided that you are no longer planning to attend Baylor, we want to offer you a refund on your $500 enrollment deposit if you cancel your admission in goBAYLOR by May 10, 2021 at 5 p.m. CDT.