2020-2021 Scholarship Events

Baylor Scholarship Events 2020-2021

Each year, Baylor University awards more than $7.5 million of generous scholarships to high-achieving attendees at the following events:

  • Getterman Scholars Program
  • Invitation to Excellence
  • Baylor2Baylor Medical Program
  • Baylor2Baylor Law Program
  • Baylor2Baylor Seminary Program
  • Distinguished Scholars Day

These events have historically been on-campus experiences during pre-scheduled dates. 

For the 2020-2021 year, these new scholarship experiences are no longer traditional, in-person "Events" that students attend in large groups, but rather, a checklist of virtual offerings alongside an on-campus VIP visit experience that students can schedule according to their preferences. Despite these adjustments, Baylor's reimagined scholarship events will still offer an in-depth, high-quality experience and the same amount of scholarship offerings as years' past, but with added safety and flexibility for the students and families.

Check back on August 1, 2020 for the full release of our Scholarship Event application process and plans!