Parents of Freshmen

We know what you are thinking: My student just started high school and already it’s time to think about college? 

At Baylor, we think that your students' high school years should be joyful—rich with learning, exploring and enjoying. This is a time for your student to develop the academic foundation for college, by establishing skills, like time management and studying, while taking advantage of extracurriculars and athletics. 

High school is also a time for you to remain a supportive, behind-the-scenes presence for your student. You help to set the pace. Show them the value of living each day to its fullest, while at the same time, reminding them that it’s okay to be a kid. 

You may see your student wanting to be a bit more independent, but remember, they still really need you. Take time to hang out together. Enjoy those times in the car, when conversations happen naturally.  While you may be the chauffeur now, your student will be driving before you know it!

So, while your student is focusing on navigating the rigors of high school (and still asking you “where’s my other sock?”), take a moment to check out Baylor, to see if we might be a future fit for your student. 

Here are a few resources to get you started:

Your student is only a high school freshman once.