Parents of Sophomores

We believe that students who have the guidance and support of their families during high school are better prepared for applying to college when the time comes. At Baylor, we value the role that you play with your student.

What does your student enjoy?  Does he like student government? Or playing the tuba in the marching band? Is she discovering a favorite author?  Or is she happiest when she wears her lab goggles in the chemistry lab? 

As a parent, you see your student’s strengths and budding passions.  It’s during these early years of high school, that you can encourage your student’s exploration of interests - whether around the dinner table or from the front seat in the car. 

Most universities prefer a student to apply to a specific “school” within the institution as entering freshmen. At Baylor, we think that college is a time for students to find their passion, so students don’t have to declare a major in order to apply to be a Baylor Bear.

Keep encouraging your student to take academically rigorous classes as they progress through high school. Take a moment to check out Baylor, to see how we help students find their passion.

Because we all know that learning is a process, with hopefully a whole lot of exploration along the way!

Remember, sophomore year is more than just “can I borrow the car?”  Take the long scenic view, because before you know it, college will be in the rear view.