Parents of Juniors

Junior year is super busy and sometimes challenging for your student--but we don’t have to tell you that!  Classes are demanding AND the ramp up for college admissions begins in earnest. Your student is getting more independent, juggling expectations, homework friends, youth group and maybe even a part-time job.  You might see them burning the candle at both ends and it’s no secret that you sometimes worry.  But remember, behind every good student is… a good parent! 

While you can’t make good grades for your student, you can talk with them about what they are looking for in a college.  Close to home or far away?  Committed faculty who care about students?  A wide variety of academic majors?  Free access to all athletic events?  Faith-filled guidance?  Rich school traditions?  Great food in the dining facilities?  Academic support and career counseling and placement?  A gorgeous campus? You just described Baylor University!  Here are a few ways that you can learn more about us: