Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith

Territory: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island and Vermont

Contact: or (254) 710-3435

Year I joined Baylor Admissions: 2018

Hometown: Keller, TX

Favorite thing about Baylor: My favorite thing about Baylor is the strong sense of community. You are never alone with the Baylor family! I remember coming in as a freshman and being afraid that I wouldn’t make any friends, but Baylor really doesn’t let that happen. Everyone here is so genuine and kind, and Baylor offers up so many opportunities to make lifelong friends; I didn’t have anything to worry about! We are a team that works hard and plays hard. Most importantly, we’re always there for each other. During my time at Baylor, I never felt like I was alone or that I couldn’t ask for help – there is always someone to lend a helping hand.

Favorite place in Waco: The Waco Mammoth National Monument! I’m a huge paleontology buff, and having the Waco Mammoth National Monument so close is a dream come true! The amount of history (and prehistory) surrounding both Waco and Baylor is amazing. A great day for me looks like going to the Mammoth Site with some friends, then getting an iced Cowboy Coffee at Common Grounds.

What inspires me:  I come from a family full of strong women, and they are what motivate me to keep persevering. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and my Nana suffered three strokes in the recent past, but both of them continue to greet every single day with a smile and indescribable strength. They keep Christ centered in their hearts and start every day with a daily devotional, a tradition that I am proud to upkeep.  

Favorite hobbies: I like to do a little bit of everything! I knit, sketch, write poetry, and watch a lot of Netflix, but I’m also trying to learn how to longboard! I was an anthropology major in undergrad, and I’ve made it my goal to never stop learning, growing, and trying new things.

Fun facts about me:  I was a Telecounselor at Baylor for three years during my undergraduate studies – that’s how I learned that I love to talk to and get to know incoming students better! I am half-Filipino, and I am completely obsessed with Thai iced tea.

My advice to you: Take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay. You don’t have to figure out your entire future by the time you’re eighteen. It’s okay to change your mind – college is a place to grow and learn, not only academically but personally, too. We have so many great departments and programs here at Baylor to help you with your studies and goals so you can achieve your dreams, even if they grow and change along the way. Come visit campus and talk to some current Baylor students to get some perspective! We all want to see each other thrive.