Edian Castro Rivera

Edian Castro Rivera

Territory: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin

Home Office: Chicago, IL

Contact: Edian_CastroRivera@baylor.edu or on his direct line: (312) 344-0599

Year I joined Baylor Admissions: 2018

Hometown: I claim a few places including San Juan, Puerto Rico (birthplace) and Cherry Hill, New Jersey (where I grew up) and San Jose, California.

Favorite thing about Baylor: The sense of community found at Baylor. You will find that classic southern hospitality as well as a genuine, caring, Christian community. 

Favorite place in Waco: All of my favorite places involve food. Because Waco is growing and booming, people are establishing roots in the community by creating more locally-owned restaurants, which are amazing. 

What inspires me: People inspire me. Everyone has a story and experiences life in different ways. Diversity in every sense of the word is important to embrace and celebrated.

Favorite hobbies: Recreational kickball and video games are my two favorite activities. Going out to eat is also great because I love trying new foods.

Fun facts about me: I had never left the country before the age of 19. After my first trip to Spain, the travel bug bit me hard and have gone to over a dozen in the last few years.

My advice to you: As you visit the various colleges and universities you are interested in, make a detailed list of everything you liked about each university. After your 17th campus tour, the details can get a little blurry so this will help you in making your final decision.