The New SAT

Updates for 2019 Graduates

College Board began offering the redesigned SAT exam in March of 2016. For admission and scholarship purposes, Baylor will accept scores from the old and new SAT tests or the ACT.

You can learn more from College Board about the new SAT. Below you’ll find how it impacts admission to Baylor.

What impact will the redesigned test have on Baylor’s admission decisions?

Not much. Obviously, academic history and SAT/ACT scores are taken into account as we review application files. But they are only part of your story. We also carefully review recommended items you submit like letters of recommendation, your short answer response and resume.

Does Baylor have a preference for the old or new SAT? Do you recommend I take the ACT instead?

No. College Board provides us with tables to determine what the equivalent scores are between the old and new tests. This allows us to evaluate students equally, regardless of which test they take.

If I plan to take both tests, which scores should I send? Do you superscore?

Send us all your scores. We will superscore scores from the same version of the test. This means we will combine your highest section scores from all test dates and review your best total score with your application. Old SAT scores will be superscored with old scores and New SAT scores with new scores.

Is the essay required?

No, we don't require the essay portion of the SAT or ACT.

What is the average score and/or middle 50% range of the new SAT for incoming freshmen?

The Fall 2017 incoming class’s SAT score ranges were: 1200-1350. 

Can the class of 2019 (or later) still submit old SAT scores?

Yes - we’ll accept scores from either test.