Nolan Bay

Nolan Bay


Contact: or (254) 710-3435

Year I joined Baylor Admissions: 2015

Hometown: Graham, TX

Favorite thing about Baylor: Baylor Homecoming is one of the greatest weekends all year. From the bonfire, to the parade, to the live performances, it’s such a fun time to be a student. Also, the Baylor Line is a great tradition that makes being a freshman extra special and exciting.  

Favorite place in Waco: Cameron Park is an awesome place to get away from campus and play sports, enjoy the nature trails, kayak down the river, go to the zoo and attend festivals. Also, Common Grounds is my favorite stop for the best coffee and concerts right next to campus.

What inspires me: I have always been inspired by my parents because they both help others in different ways. My father has been a police officer for 25 years, while my mother works in healthcare as a dietician. I was nervous moving to Baylor, but found that the Baylor family is just as inspiring. Everyone is here for a greater purpose to help their fellow man and that is a daily inspiration to make me a better person. Also, I love coffee. It definitely inspires me to wake up in the mornings!

Favorite hobbies: I am a sports fanatic. I love watching baseball, football, basketball, hockey and golf. Saturdays in the fall are my favorite because there is football on all day long. I also enjoy going outside and playing sports. Whether that is a game of touch football, pick-up basketball or just playing catch with a friend, I always like to be active. I am also a movie buff and enjoy going to the movies--popcorn and a soda are a must! My favorite movie of all time has to be Field of Dreams.

Fun facts about me: I was a Bear Trainer when I was an undergrad at Baylor. Ask me about that experience…it was definitely memorable and unique!

My advice to you: Apply early and visit campus! You will truly see what it is like to be a student at Baylor.